Chemistry Lab

The school understands the importance of a good education. That's why we have a well-equipped, maintained, and instrumented chemistry laboratory to teach you everything you need to know about chemistry. In order to foster scientific temper and spirit of enquiry in students, we let them test and verify various theories and principles by running experiments.

The chemistry lab of Mother Khazani Convent School is a perfect space to understand and experience the ever-changing chemical world. With equipment such as the distillation setup, the evaporator, and the gas collection system, you will be able to undertake many experiments such as distillation, separation of mixtures, purification of liquids and gases. You will also be able to conduct various chemical analyses such as titrations and acid-base reactions.

The school's chemistry lab is designed for students to explore the world of science in a fun and interactive manner. There are well-equipped labs to help them in their experiments. The lab has all types of equipment that are necessary for any experiment, including balances, centrifuges, and thermometers. The lab also has well-trained staff to supervise students so that their work is done in an environment that is safe and conducive.